David Annwn - Celtic Eclectica

it's time for the waves to approach us and we not them for
the answering rays' intersections . . .


[David Annwn's texts] challenge the notion of the poem itself and the ability of poetry to re-present experience as they re-frame relationships in twentieth century and twenty-first century British society. Ian Davidson

This is a collection of resources by the Anglo Welsh poet, critic and publisher of ISPress books, David Annwn. Here you will find details and studies of the poems of Anglo-Welsh Modernist, David Jones, of Irish, English and American Postmodern poets and Sri Lankan author Jean Arasanayagam. A celebration of Dada dolls and plays features as does a spacious gazetteer of island-writers, explorations of haunted Gothic lantern-shows and galleries of paintings and calligraphy made to accompany my poetry and vice versa. There are impromptu festschrifts and a Canting anthology, works on Basque wise women and Philippine pagan-priests, collages, lithographs, poets from Scandinavia and Sheffield and Singaporean literary cuisine.


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